Success Stories

A day porter, who spent every day on his feet, suffered severe foot pain. After several failed treatments, a podiatrist recommended surgery. Small Angels paid for the surgery.

A boy was diagnosed with Gaucher’s Disease and Muscular Dystrophy at birth. During his teenage years, the diseases stripped him of his ability to walk. Every year, the l2th grade class at his school takes a 6week trip to Europe, which is the highlight of their high school experience. Although the teen was able to raise the money for his own trip, he could not afford to pay for the costs of a companion to provide him with the care he required during the trip. Small Angels’ Board unanimously approved a gift for the boy’s companion, which would allow him to take his senior trip with his classmates.

While pregnant, a mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer. The doctors decided to take her baby early, via cesarean section. After the cesarean section, she began aggressive chemotherapy. Although the family was on MediCal, they could not cover the costs of the cesarean section. Small Angels covered those costs. One month later, Small Angels paid the family’s mortgage for a month, so they would not lose their home.

Doctors diagnosed a newborn with Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome (RTS). RTS is genetic and causes both physical and mental developmental delays. When the family first wrote to Small Angels, their daughter’s throat muscles would not allow her to take in enough food to survive. The family needed help paying for swallow therapy to help their daughter learn to swallow. Small Angels helped subsidize her swallow therapy.

A father donated one of his kidneys to save his daughter’s life. The surgery required him to take several months off work. His family of four risked homelessness without his income. Small Angels provided a gift to help maintain the family’s housing and stability during his recovery.