Success Stories

A mother was diagnosed with pulmonary arterial hypertension, which required her continual use of oxygen for her survival. Shortly thereafter, her family's lease ran out and they were forced to find new housing. Her husband’s salary was not enough to support the family on a day-to-day basis. Small Angels gave the family first and last month's rent to move into a new apartment, new beds so they would not have to sleep on the floor, payment for their children's dental visits, and the costs of groceries and utilities for their first month in their new apartment.

Two U.S. soldiers met while serving in the Iraq War and got married. When they returned home the government could not locate substantial reimbursements owed to the couple. They were forced to move in with relatives for financial support. Small Angels gave the couple a gift to allow them to move into their own home while they waited for back pay from the government. Small Angels also paid for the 1/1 Infantry Ball, which Marines attended prior to their deployment to Iraq.

A father was laid off work leaving his family homeless. While he searched for a job, his family lived in shelters. A family member in Florida offered to give the family a place to live and help them find jobs, but they could not afford the airfare to get their family across the country. Small Angels bought the family airline tickets to Florida and gave them a chance at a new life.

A little girl was diagnosed with a rare skin disease, caused by lack of a protein that allows the skin to adhere to her body. When she was born, she had no skin on the lower two thirds of her legs. Everyday she had to be wrapped in bandages to prevent infection and disease. Small Angels purchased new windows for her family’s home to help keep her cool under her bandages and reduce her heat rashes.

A young girl found a love for music, playing the trumpet in her high school band. Her family could not afford to buy her a trumpet to continue her musical education. Small Angels purchased the instrument for her.