Success Stories

A single mom (a victim of domestic violence) and her 3 young children were homeless for 2-years, living in a business complex.  She was given notice to leave the business complex and she and her children were facing the streets.  Through all of this, the mom has been working full time, but was not able to save enough to get an apartment.  With the help from a relief agency, she  was able to find a reasonably priced apartment for her and her children.  However, they lack many necessities, including beds and bedding.  Small Angels paid for beds and bedding, so they won’t have to sleep on the floor.  This will increase her dignity and quality of life, and further their transition from homelessness to a family with a place to call home. 

A single unemployed mother suffers from seizures, which have resulted in several broken teeth and has others that are decayed or missing.  She has frequent headaches as well as jaw and ear pain all caused by abscesses and tooth decay.  Some of the work was covered by Denti-Cal, but the remaining work is not.  She has been receiving services from a local relief agency, including food distribution and homeless prevention counseling. Small Angels paid for her dental work to insure that she is pain-free and able to smile again.

A single mother of two children ages 6 and 13 (one a special-needs child) is seeking to rebuild her life.  She and her children left an abusive relationship with little in the way of resources.  She obtained crisis housing and progressed through the relief agency programs, including training in massage therapy and is ready to begin working in that field.  She needs to obtain license certificate in massage therapy to secure her job. Small Angels paid for her final classes and her license certificate so that she will be financially independent and be able to work and thrive in a field she is passionate about.

A working family lost both mother and father in close proximity to one another.  The family's resources were mostly exhausted following their mother's extended battle with cancer and then funeral. When their father died a short time afterward, they scurried to scrape some funds together, but their efforts were not enough to bury their father in the cemetery plot next to their mother.  Small Angels was impressed with the family and their effort, and with little time remaining provided the balance needed to proceed.

A local boy with a passion for running wanted to join a track club. Small Angels sponsored his membership in the club so he could pursue his goals on the track.