Success Stories

A man hits 'rock bottom' after losing his job, his home and his relationships due to years of substance abuse.  He turned his life around through programs at a homeless shelter, distinguishing himself through his work and service to others.  Eventually he secured full time employment on their staff but was not able to pursue a management opportunity because of a dental condition resulting from the substance abuse that caused difficulty speaking, chewing and smiling.  He would not be able to effectively work with donors, vendors and the public, and lacked confidence to even try.  Small Angels paid to restore his mouth and his confidence, allowing him to become the manager where he continues to serve others.  

A young boy grew up while his father was in prison.  His mom passed away when he was 10 years old.  With no one to look after him, he ended up with the wrong crowd and got into serious trouble.  After multiple times in Juvenile Detention, he was sent to a facility for troubled youngsters in Orange County.  This facility provided much needed guidance and set the stage for him to attend high school and college, where he distinguished himself.  He is now in his 1st semester of Law School and does not have the funds to buy his books or a laptop computer.  Small Angels purchased the required books and a laptop computer so that he can excel in school and realize his passion to share his story and serve as a mentor, ambassador and leader to foster youth who are struggling to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams and aspirations.

A six-year old boy was born with an extremely rare congenital heart defect.  He has had 3 open heart surgeries this year alone.  Mental Health Care Professionals said that getting him into therapy would be critical to his emotional health throughout the years that he will be undergoing surgeries.  The condition itself is extraordinarily rare, and the mental health therapy and the 9-weeks of in-home, post op care is not covered by insurance.  His mom, a working single mom, is struggling to pay for all these expenses not covered by insurance.  She is in debt and can borrow no more money.  She has no choice but to severely cutback or eliminate the mental health therapy.  Small Angels has stepped in and paid for the mental health therapy.

A woman is currently in a transitional housing program and has an opportunity to become a Registered Nurse, enabling her and her family to escape homelessness and obtain a higher quality of life. The family sought help after experiencing a whirlwind of setbacks that crippled what was previously a strong financial foundation.  They lost their primary source of income and health insurance when her husband was laid off, having been on dialysis for years for kidney failure.  Her mother, an additional source of income, passed away.  The woman has worked as a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN).  She was also attending school to become a Registered Nurse (RN).  She is now the sole provider for her family.  Small Angels paid for tuition to complete her RN work and for the additional expenses needed to secure employment immediately as an LVN, thus helping her attain a renewed sense of dignity and help the family gain self-sufficiency. 

A single mom and her two elementary school aged daughters are homeless, having escaped from domestic violence.  She survived significant physical and sexual abuse and is currently working through the trauma she experienced.  She and her children were referred to an Orange County relief shelter.  The mom is in a great deal of pain and has been avoiding dental treatment for years because she is extremely fearful and also knows that she cannot afford the work that she needs completed.  She had been homeless for nearly 3-years and addressing her dental needs will be an important step for her to secure employment and obtain stable housing.  Small Angels paid for her dental work so that she can improve the quality of life for her and her daughters.