Success Stories

A woman lost her husband unexpectedly a year ago.  She has 3 boys, 2 in college and a senior in high school.  She works as a part time librarian at an elementary school.  Her husband was the main contributor to their income and now that he is gone, she is putting everything she has towards her boys and their education.

To be considered for a full-time position, you must have a master's degree in library sciences.  She applied and was accepted for this degree program but needs help with the costs for tuition and books.  Small Angels has agreed to pay the University for her tuition and books.  The decision to earn her master's degree will change her future.  With a full time position she can provide for her family and receive medical benefits for them.  This grant will relieve the financial stress so she can focus on her family, her job, and getting her degree.

A grandmother is taking care of her 3 grandchildren.  The children have experienced a lot of instability with their biological parents including family violence, exposure to drug use, and homelessness.  The Grandmother feels that the children are safer and happier living with her and is currently in the process of gaining legal custody.  The family (Grandma and 3 grand kids) recently moved into a new apartment and the beds the children sleep on are old and damaged and they use boxes rather than a dresser to store clothing.  The Grandmother has had difficulty maintaining a job due to her health and has not been able to afford new beds or a dresser for the children.  She has a good relationship with her grandchildren, understands their physical and emotional needs, and is a loving and supportive parental figure for them. 


Small Angels provided beds, bedding, and dressers for the 3 children and school uniforms for the 2 youngest.  Now the children will be able to comfortably sleep in their own beds.  This will improve their living conditions and reduce stress in their lives.

A 70-year old, low income, senior Veteran needed major dental work.  His small income just covered the low-cost housing provided by an Orange County relief agency and a few bills. The State is providing him with dental insurance and food stamps. He needed financial assistance to cover the co-pay for his dental work, which he had difficulty raising.


Small Angels paid the co-pay to make sure that he has excellent oral health and renewed confidence.  By assisting with this financial contribution, Small Angels’ gift allows this veteran to use his income to meet his housing and basic needs.

A mom with two young boys entered a transitional program with a major Orange County relief agency after fleeing her abusive partner.  She has been working  hard to obtain self-sufficiency.  She has two special needs children, which creates additional barriers on her journey to self-sufficiency.  Despite this, she continues to work multiple jobs to provide for her family. 

Because of the violent situation at home, this hard-working mom was unable to go to a dentist or properly take care of her teeth.  Her teeth are rotting and falling out.  She has always put her children’s health and needs first.  Small Angels is paying for the dental work, which will allow this mom to eat without pain and stop the progression of her teeth falling out.  She will not have to take time off from work or cancel any of her son’s medical appointments due to her dental emergencies.  She will be able to continue to save for emergencies and pay her bills on time. 

A woman and her young children escaped a violent situation at home with just the clothes they were wearing.  They were homeless, living in a car by a storage facility.  Her partner was finally arrested and incarcerated.  She and the kids are safe and on their own. 

The mom has been working with many relief agencies, trying hard to succeed.  With the help one major relief agency, she and the kids now have a place to live and she is working on getting a job. Their new home has little to no furniture.  They were sleeping on the floor and needed beds and bedding.  Small Angels Foundation provided beds and bedding and a small couch for the family.  After being homeless for a long time, having a bed to sleep in will go a long way to making the children feel safe again or maybe for the first time.