Success Stories

An elementary school girl is living with her mother and special needs brother in a transitional housing program through a relief agency.  The mom and the siblings were homeless following a situation of abuse by the father followed by neglect and family abandonment.  The abuse directed at the girl was severe enough to require surgery, resulting in her having self-esteem and social integration challenges.  Her elementary school was sponsoring an educational trip to Washington D.C. and New York.  Small Angels helped pay for her to go on the school trip to boost her self-esteem and self-confidence.  The educational trip will facilitate her development of social skills and allow her to build more friendships.

A young mother and her 3 boys are in transitional housing after having been rescued from a domestic violence situation. She has been working hard to obtain self-sufficiency.  She wants to obtain a G.E.D. and then enroll in college courses online.  Having the G.E.D. will make her qualified for more work opportunities.  Small Angels purchased a Laptop for the mom to allow her to complete the G.E.D. online and take online college courses, while caring for her 3 boys.  This will help her gain higher paying employment opportunities along with financial independence, a renewed sense of dignity, and family stability. 

A mother and daughter are living in a transitional shelter for homeless women and children to escape an abusive family relationship.  The mother has found part-time work as a marketing assistant and has gone back to college full-time to complete her bachelor’s degree in graphic design. A computer is a necessary tool for completing the graphic design assignments.  The daughter is in 10th grade at a local charter school that does not supply computers for their students.  Much of the schoolwork is in the form of e-books and online activity.  Mom and daughter get what they can in terms of computer time at local libraries, but they are required to be back at the shelter by the 11PM curfew.  Small Angels paid for laptop computers for mom and daughter to enhance their ability to improve their situation and gain financial independence and stability.

A struggling mother with an 8-year old daughter and little in the way of resources is between jobs and health insurance when she is caught off guard by an advanced cancer diagnosis.  Mom faces one year of aggressive treatment in an uphill battle to hopefully regain her health and needs to stay on her insurance plan, but she has no way to pay for continued health insurance.  Small Angels paid for one year of her COBRA health insurance payments allowing her to focus on her health challenge and her young daughter.

A man hits 'rock bottom' after losing his job, his home and his relationships due to years of substance abuse.  He turned his life around through programs at a homeless shelter, distinguishing himself through his work and service to others.  Eventually he secured full time employment on their staff but was not able to pursue a management opportunity because of a dental condition resulting from the substance abuse that caused difficulty speaking, chewing and smiling.  He would not be able to effectively work with donors, vendors and the public, and lacked confidence to even try.  Small Angels paid to restore his mouth and his confidence, allowing him to become the manager where he continues to serve others.