Root Canals For Teacher’s Aid To Autistic Children

A woman found a fulfilling profession that utilized her skills learned in college and the California National Guard, helping and supporting children.  For the past nine years she has been a one-on-one aid with autistic children at a school district.  The pay is poor, but the job was rewarding in non-financial ways.  During the past year, a pipe broke in the walls of her apartment and the landlord failed to respond.  As toxic mold grew in the walls, she became sick and was forced to move out.  The landlord refused to return her security deposit and she became homeless, living in her car for six months.  Despite this, she worked every day.  An Orange County relief agency helped her find a place to live.  This year she discovered that root canals she had done previously were infected into the bone.  Left unchecked, these infections can cause serious health consequences, including heart disease.  Small Angels paid for the specialized root canal treatment to restore her health and allow her to continue her good work assisting autistic children.