A Mom Steps Up at a Pivotal Moment for Her Family

A woman lost her husband unexpectedly a year ago.  She has 3 boys, 2 in college and a senior in high school.  She works as a part time librarian at an elementary school.  Her husband was the main contributor to their income and now that he is gone, she is putting everything she has towards her boys and their education.

To be considered for a full-time position, you must have a master's degree in library sciences.  She applied and was accepted for this degree program but needs help with the costs for tuition and books.  Small Angels has agreed to pay the University for her tuition and books.  The decision to earn her master's degree will change her future.  With a full time position she can provide for her family and receive medical benefits for them.  This grant will relieve the financial stress so she can focus on her family, her job, and getting her degree.