A Lap Top Computer for a Young Man Who Has Turned His Life Around

A young Orange County man had been incarcerated for most of his adolescent years.  He grew up in a gang infested neighborhood and was a heavy drug user due to trauma in his past, which caused him to do things he now regrets. 

He was either in Juvenile Detention or on probation from ages 13 to 19.  He has now successfully completed his probation and talks about wanting to provide for his family, is looking forward to the future, and is no longer affiliating himself with negative influences.  He is living in a Sober Living House, regularly attends meetings, and has a youth wrap-around team for additional support. 

This great support team is provided by a major relief agency which provides services to help offenders successfully transition from prison to a productive life in the community.  They help rehabilitate adult offenders and steer youth to set new, positive directions for their lives.

This young man is now enrolled in college and needs a computer to complete his course work.  He has many writing assignments. The requirements are stringent for papers to be typed and emailed to the professor.  Most high schools require students to have laptops and participate in an electronic environment.  Colleges, even more so; and with the COVID 19 Virus lockdown with all schools closed, a computer is mandatory to participate in any educational environment.  Small Angels provided this young man with a lap top computer.  This will allow him to compete in college and transition to a productive life in the community.