Grandma Rescues Three Grandchildren

A grandmother is taking care of her 3 grandchildren.  The children have experienced a lot of instability with their biological parents including family violence, exposure to drug use, and homelessness.  The Grandmother feels that the children are safer and happier living with her and is currently in the process of gaining legal custody.  The family (Grandma and 3 grand kids) recently moved into a new apartment and the beds the children sleep on are old and damaged and they use boxes rather than a dresser to store clothing.  The Grandmother has had difficulty maintaining a job due to her health and has not been able to afford new beds or a dresser for the children.  She has a good relationship with her grandchildren, understands their physical and emotional needs, and is a loving and supportive parental figure for them. 


Small Angels provided beds, bedding, and dressers for the 3 children and school uniforms for the 2 youngest.  Now the children will be able to comfortably sleep in their own beds.  This will improve their living conditions and reduce stress in their lives.