Dental Work for A Mom Who Escaped Domestic Violence

A mom with two young boys entered a transitional program with a major Orange County relief agency after fleeing her abusive partner.  She has been working  hard to obtain self-sufficiency.  She has two special needs children, which creates additional barriers on her journey to self-sufficiency.  Despite this, she continues to work multiple jobs to provide for her family. 

Because of the violent situation at home, this hard-working mom was unable to go to a dentist or properly take care of her teeth.  Her teeth are rotting and falling out.  She has always put her children’s health and needs first.  Small Angels is paying for the dental work, which will allow this mom to eat without pain and stop the progression of her teeth falling out.  She will not have to take time off from work or cancel any of her son’s medical appointments due to her dental emergencies.  She will be able to continue to save for emergencies and pay her bills on time.