Bridge Work To Eat Without Pain

An 82-year old retired woman was severely disabled after being hit by a drunk driver.  She became homeless after the apartment complex that she had been living in for 25 years was sold, renovated, and re-listed at a rate she could not afford. Being on a fixed income, she was forced to live in her vehicle.  An Orange County relief agency got her into an apartment, and they provided counseling and food.  She has made incredible strides in improving her life and health since entering the relief agency’s program.  However, she is currently struggling with immense discomfort and difficulty eating due to her need for a partial bridge.  Her dental insurance does not cover bridge work and she does not have the means necessary to pay for this herself.  She has been unable to eat comfortably and has lost a concerning amount of weight.  Small Angels paid for her bridgework to insure her on-going day to day health, overall well-being and quality of life.